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Bengals Draft Day 2 Discussion Thread

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April 24, 2020 at 10:19am

A basically perfect scenario for the Bengals in the first round. There were 3 realistic names most Bengals fans were hoping fell to 33 as the draft went along. Patrick Queen, Denzel Mims, and Josh Jones. Personally I never discussed Jones at 33 because I didnt think it was even possible for him to fall to this point. All 3 of these guys fill huge needs for the Bengals and are first round talents.

  • Patrick Queen-He dropped far but in my opinion I am glad he wont be available. He is an elite athlete at LB and will be good against the pass in the NFL. However, he is tiny and struggled taking on blocks when he rarely had to do it in the LSU scheme. He also wasnt super productive at LSU being just an average tackler. He will likely be a solid LB piece and is best as the second linebacker on a defense. To spend a first rounder on that is yikes.
  • Denzel Mims-The top receivers fell which I think helped Mims fall to 33. CeeDee Lamb wasnt off the board until the Cowboys. Jalen Raegor and Brandon Aiyuk also went in the first which is great because they didnt fit the Bengals needs at all. Mims is the second best outside receiver after Lamb in this elite receiver draft and him falling to 33 is crazy. 
  • Josh Jones-The craziest guy to fall of them all, Jones. He has been projected in the top 10 before I really cant believe he is here. The tackles somehow fell too with Wirfs getting down to Tampa. The titans did us a huge favor taking Isaiah Wilson, a big run blocker at RT, instead of Jones. Wilson doenst fit the Bengals at all and Jones is much better pass blocker. Jones is a multi year starter at LT with almost perfect PFF grades and dominated the senior bowl. He has very good athleticism as well. The reason for his drop is he has average arm length and for most teams will have to transition from left to right. The good thing is if RT doesnt work out RG is always there for Jones to play. 

A trade down is also available with how many names are left that the Bengals could grab. Some of the players a trade down could still land based on position

  • Edge-AJ Epenesa, Zack Baun, Yetur-Gross Matos-edge is a sneaky need and there are still 3 guys left if you trade down you could still land
  • DT-Ross Blacklock, Justin Madibuke-Madibuke is somebody the Bengals like and Blacklock is a first round talent still there
  • WR-Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman-the next group of receivers assuming Denzel Mims doesnt make it to the trade down spot. Two good outside receiver prospects
  • CB-Jaylon Johnson, Kristian Fulton, Trevon Diggs-Three guys mocked in the first a lot. Last night you saw how much teams value corner and to be able to trade down and land a premier player at a premier position could be inticing
  • S/LB-Grant Delpit, Jeremy Chinn, and Kyle Dugger are all interesting guys who could play nickel LB  and SS with very high upside.

Thats a pretty long list of guys the Bengals could potentially like. If they like a handful of those players and get a good enough offer I think there is a good chance that they trade down. To get an extra third and move down for Epenesa or Michael Pittman could be a very good move. You could also package the picks. you get to move back up and get a second guy from this top list of players. As much as I love Jones/Mims I may be happier with two guys from that group if the Bengals could pull it off. 

Personally I want Josh Jones and I think the Bengals do too. The only position they did not sign a starting caliber player was RG. I think the Bengals the scenario with Jones is too perfect to pass up. Jones can be the starting RG from day one while improving his technique and adjusting to moving to the right side. In year two he can then kick out and be the starting RT if Bobby Hart doesnt pan out. It is very hard to find tackles with the traits to be high level players and to find this in the second round is great. It fills a massive need and shows Burrow he is the priority. It just makes way too much sense. Mims would be a good pick too and I would be happy. To stay in the top 12 picks or so of the second and to pick up a third to move would be nice in my opinion but you are playing with fire to move out of that premier spot.

I would like to end with wondering who will win the first round, the Bengals or Dolphins. Many people said you HAVE to trade Burrow to the dolphins for their picks in the first round and the Bengals are IDIOTS to not take three first rounders. The Dolphins landed Tua, Austin Jackson, Noah Igbinagone. If getting a tackle from the pac-12 who struggles with toughness and strength along with a 5'10" corner makes you want to get rid of Joe Burrow than you really have no football IQ at all. WHO DEY

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