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Tribe Talk - Home Field for the AL - Who Makes the Team? Wait Until Sunday!

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September 21, 2017 at 10:15pm

As I have watched the Indians these past few weeks, it seems like no matter who is played, we keep winning.  Rest our stars and the subs come through.  

Now come the tough decisions for Tito and the leadership.  Who makes the playoff roster?  Because of how many were on the DL on August 31, there are more candidates than normal.

Here are my thoughts:

Locks - 16

Allan, Bauer, Carrasco, Kluber, Miller, Olson, Shaw, Smith - 8 pitchers

Gomes, Perez - 2 catchers

Lindor, Ramirez, Santana, Encarnacion - 4 infielders

Bruce, Jackson - 2 outfielders

Who else - 9

Clevinger, Goody, Otero, Salazar, Tomlin - 5 more for a total of 13 pitchers

Urshela - 1 more for a total of 5 infielders

Guyer, Kipnis, Almonte - 3 more for a total of 5 outfielders

This means leaving off McAllister, Diaz, and Chisenhall.  If Chisenhall is healthy, he would replace Almonte on my roster or Kipnis if he has health issues.  Diaz is the tough choice as it is his bat or Urshela's glove.

What are your thoughts?  Keep in mind that for each round the 25 cannot be adjusted unless there is an injury.

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