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I am a graduate of CWRU in 1972 but a Buckeye fan since 195?. I daily drive past Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium where Woody made his head coaching debut, where Dave Leggett played quarterback before leading the Buckeyes to the 1954 National Championship, and also where Cie Grant terrorized quarterbacks long before that memorable day in January 2003.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rose Bowl on January 1, 1969.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson for the Buckeyes but overall, Nick Weatherspoon from Canton McKinley.
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabres
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Rochester Raging Rhinos

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Comment 18 hours ago

I was expecting 2002 Miami to be #1 on the list since they were supposed to easily beat the Buckeyes.  Not only were they not #1 but they didn't even make the top 25.  That alone discredited the list in my opinion.

I would have put the 1969 Buckeyes very high on that list also.  They were crushing everyone until game 9.

Comment 21 hours ago

The delusion is strong in this post from that OP.


May 26th, 2020 at 1:48 PM

OSU has had 10 with much better prospects while Michigan has had 8 with much fewer elite prospects. So I could technically argue that Michigan is perhaps better at developing DL talent.

Comment 22 hours ago

Link to a civil war on MGoBlog.

Comment 26 May 2020

I haven't looked at MGoBlog to see if this article is mentioned.  It is disgusting.

Comment 20 May 2020

I spent the duration of the Vietnam War in high school, college, and then the US Army Reserve in lieu of getting drafted.  Plus, Woody didn't teach at my school although my humanities electives were all war classes.  We only had four humanities classes in four years.

Comment 19 May 2020

That's a good team with either current NFL guys or including new draftees.  I bet TTUN would need to borrow some guys from MSU to have enough for a full team.

Comment 16 May 2020

I would be willing to learn more about soccer.

When it comes to why the US men and women are so different in where they stand in the world, two issues - follow the money and the US university system.  When I say money, I am not talking about the US men vs. women.  I am talking about how national soccer federations allocate money to the teams.  In some countries, the women get between zero and a little.  The men get the money for development with little to the women.  The other big difference is the development of players.  Most of the world have academies at professional clubs that scoop up young players, generally male.  One reason that France is becoming competitive to the USA is that their major men's teams have parallel women's teams and they now have academies for the women.  This hasn't been an issue in the USA for the women because of high school and university teams provide this development.  The US universities are also a factor for Canada's competitiveness since lots of the Canadian national team ladies played on scholarship in the US.

Comment 16 May 2020

You could expand this by broadening the topic.  For example, there is a South African track athlete who was banned for awhile because she had too much testosterone, not from doping but from her birth.  I believe that she was eventually allowed to compete but she had to do anti-doping basically to meet the limits.  There was also a pro tennis player in the 1970s, Renee Richards, who had sex reassignment surgery and after a lot of controversy was allow to compete against the women.

Comment 16 May 2020

The family moved from Hawaii to Alabama.  The younger brother played his last year of high school in Bama.

Comment 14 May 2020

There are significant financial issues at colleges and universities that are already impacting athletics.  Two examples in Ohio.  Urbana University near Columbus is closing it doors and just released all athletes on 19 men and women's teams to look elsewhere.  They are D2.  The University of Akron is going to eliminate roughly half of its 11 schools and cut several sports.  These are just two schools of which I am aware.  I am sure that there are many more throughout the country.

A major financial hit to the the bigger schools is a sharp reduction in foreign students who usually pay sticker price for school in the USA.  This is a result of stricter visa rules, cross border travel restrictions independent of visas, and folks deciding not to go so far to school based various personal reasons.  This could impact sports teams at schools that have to subsidize athletics.

This virus appears to be driving a Darwinian process that is going to cull the weaker universities, weaker programs within universities, and sports programs that are not self supporting.  And this is already happening without knowing whether or not there will be another spike in cases in the fall.

My hope is watch football in the fall but I am not confident.  I will watch with interest to see what happens with finishing the NBA and NHL seasons and starting the MLB season.  Those events will provide a big clue as to what happens with NCAA and NFL football.

Comment 12 May 2020

There are no PAC12 schools in the Cal State system.  UCLA and Cal are in the University of California system.  Two separate organizations.

Comment 12 May 2020

It seems that the owner's had an agreement after spring training was suspended to pay the players the ratio of games played.  The owners want to change the deal, probably because they will be playing without fans and that knocks out from 40-50% of the income depending upon the team.

Comment 10 May 2020

The most boring Buckeye game that I have seen live was the Kickoff Classic in 1986 against Alabama at the Meadowlands in NJ.  No energy from the crowd in a 16-10 game in which Alabama came from behind.  I didn't consider total blowouts against overmatched opponents.

Comment 10 May 2020

That Hail Mary by Flutie was the difference maker in keeping the Buckeyes from having 8 Heisman trophies and the sole lead.