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Tiffany Thompson Plotted To Leverage A Zeke Sex Tape For Blackmail

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August 16, 2017 at 6:07pm

Per Yahoo Today.


The woman who accused Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott of domestic violence admitted to NFL investigators having a text exchange in which she discussed leveraging sex videos featuring her and Elliott for money from the player, according to documents obtained by Yahoo Sports.

The exchange is contained in the 160-page report prepared by NFL investigators into allegations that Elliott committed multiple acts of violence against ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. Within that report, investigators noted a September 2016 text message exchange between Thompson and a friend, in which Thompson raised the idea of selling sex videos of herself and Elliott. During the conversation, Thompson’s friend suggested, “we could black mail him w[ith] that,” to which Thompson responded, “I want to bro.” The NFL’s report also stated that Thompson admitted registering an email address titled “ezekielelliott sex vids” in August 2016.

The texts and email registration don’t disprove the domestic violence allegations Thompson has made against Elliott, nor do they address the central issue of whether violence occurred. Furthermore, the league indicated physical and circumstantial evidence – including bruises appearing on Thompson’s body during a week she and Elliott were sharing a room – was enough to conclude that Elliott committed domestic violence. But with Thompson being cited as the NFL’s only firsthand witness to the events she is alleging, a source close to Elliott said his lawyers and the NFLPA have seized upon the exchange to question aspects of motive and credibility in an appeal filed on Tuesday.

[MOD Edit: Excerpting an entire story is pretty much the same as plagiarism. Don't do that. Two or three paragraphs at most, and link to the source material (which the OP did - thank you!).

Not a good look for the NFL who is basically taking her word over his for the DV case.  I don't know how she could be considered a credible witness, the Columbus Police Department felt the same way.

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