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Cavs: what should they do now?

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June 13, 2017 at 11:13am

So, the Cavs are the second best basketball team in the world. Not far from the first - but not that close either. They could play that series 20 times and the GSW win it every time. 

Question is where do you go when you are 2nd best team and you have the best player nearing the end of his prime, but the Warriors are young and don't have to shed any players (for at least 1 year and probably for 2 years)?

Options seem to be:

a) Stand pat, tinker where possible, hope you get lucky via a Warriors injury next year (or maybe Pop conjures up some magic and the Spurs upset them); or

b) Try to add another star - limited options and would mean giving up a current stud and mortgaging the future. I actually don't see a clear path here. 

It's a brutal situation. If any of GSW's big 4 gets hurt, Cavs can win the championship next year. But short of an injury, I don't see how the result changes. 

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