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11W Fantasy Football Follow-up

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August 1, 2014 at 8:02pm

EDIT: Updated with links!!!! I decided to divide people up into a pay league and a free one, since that's understandably a deciding factor for some. If you prefer one or the other let me know, I'll switch things up. As of right now though here's how I've got us divided (commissioners in bold italics):

Scarlet League ($20): MAVBuck, Sharks, BassDropper, Sauce Bauss, Groveport Heisman, Squirrel Master, RosenBuck, BLuke221, BRobbins LINK

Gray League (Free): MI.Buckeye, KB3RG, Sims_tOSU, D-Buck, RubixTube, PittBuckeye, ITWASME, Wilkins78, Buckguyfan1, TheAFBuckeye LINK

If more people sign up I'll start not 3, not 4, not 5...well you get the picture.

Leave any other suggestions/ideas in the thread.


EDIT2: BassDropper and Sin City Buckeye already have links up for other leagues as well.

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