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Comment 13 Aug 2017

I'm sad that to see that people agree with this.  UNC has played in the last two NCAA title games.  They're one of the greatest programs of all time and they have a hall of fame coach.  OSU has a largely unproven young coach with a weak roster and in no way a better recent draft record than UNC.  UNC is a much better situation than OSU at the moment, and Francis is doing the best thing for himself. 

Comment 13 Aug 2017

This is not your average "Ohio kid leaving the state" situation, he's a Buckeye legacy.  We also have a new coaching staff that is understandably playing catch-up.  This article gives an insight into Francis' thinking and also a little bit about his interaction with the new staff.  He's an elite player and I personally was really happy to get to hear about his side of things, as it gives me a little more hope for the future in regards to our staff.

Comment 11 Aug 2017

Thanks!  Actually it's been the Year of the Wedding in our families, and we're the last ones.  So we didn't have a whole lot of choice, lol.  Plus, in contest between football and her, she wins hands down. 

Comment 10 Aug 2017

It better be noon, because that's my wedding day.  Though we did pick the UNLV Saturday for a reason, to be fair.

Comment 26 Jun 2017

I just have to know...what are the odds (%) that Dane Goodwin rejoins the class?

Comment 07 Jun 2017

If he really is making this play, he's greatly overestimating his ability to convince an NBA coach to leave the league for a non-blue blood program.  I think you're giving him way, wayyyy too much credit here.  And that's coming from someone who actually like Gene more than most.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Man, are people really this insanely reactionary these days?  We all know that the last few years have gotten progressively worse, but we're 2 years removed from winning an NCAA tournament game.  If you really think Thad's legacy is tainted by two years of trouble likely largely due to significant health issues, you're wrong.  That doesn't undo everything he accomplished here, and if you feel that way then you need to reread the parts of the article where you mention all that he accomplished in a conference with the likes of Tom Izzo, Bo Ryan, et al and weigh things out again. 

Comment 05 Jun 2017

As someone with back issues, shit's nothing mess with.  I hope mine never get so bad as to need surgery, because back surgery often does more harm than good.  Have to feel for him in and Steve Kerr in that regard.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Comment 15 May 2017

I know things are going really poorly right now but these overreactions are ridiculous.  There's a reason I've been straying away from the comments on this site for some time now and these types of threads are exactly why.  I love the news and coverage this site provides but on sites like this, the forums and comments tend to bring out the worst in fanbases, not the best.  They encourage a sort of hive mind and foster obsession while leaving critical thinking and an even keel behind.  I love watching the Buckeyes as much as anyone, but it's stuff like this thread that seems to be pushing me further and further from the sports I grew up watching.  I know things are bad, but this thread would have you believe we're the bomb being ridden by Dr. Strangelove straight into the earth...for real. 

For a while the basketball coverage on this site was struggling to gain any attention, even when things were going well enough.  But once things started to go downhill, the viewers of this site finally took notice of (or at least started to acknowledge via comments) the fact that OSU even had a basketball program.  It's like the rats on another ship are pissing on the one that's sinking.  I'm sure many of you will take exception to this, as I obviously don't have to visit this site or delve into its comments or forums to enjoy OSU athletics, but I just wanted to share my two cents because I think what's happening here is a shame even if it is just a part of a more endemic problem both in the way we interact online and the sensationalized coverage of sports (not speaking about the EW staff, I actually think that in general you do an excellent job of being measured in your approach to covering the Buckeyes) that is altering the way we view and enjoys sports (cough first take cough- side note, no one can say that "we're better than first take," that show obviously has a huge audience and people do tune in.  Even if it's just to disagree with or hate on the show, it's affecting them, and so many don't see the backlash against those hot takes as being equal)  It's no longer just a game, a pastime. 

This by no means applies to everyone, I would hope that much is obvious, and I am not directing it at any person(s) in particular.  I have certainly found myself falling victim to this hysteria, for lack of a better word, more than my fair share.  But I'm working on being better and I just wanted to share my thoughts here, I don't know, in the hopes that I'm not alone and that maybe we could get back to a more measured approach to our fandom as this^ doesn't seem healthy to me.  I'm not sorry for the rant, but perhaps it's best that this will be buried and mostly ignored.  Good night all, and go Bucks!

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Yeah these guys weren't all 5'8" with poor college production as well though.