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Future of US Soccer

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July 1, 2014 at 7:56pm

I know most of you don't care anymore.. Right now, you're saying "this soccer thing was fun while it lasted, but how many days until the real football starts again?"

Honestly, I'm almost right there with you. I'm so disappointed that I just want to move on. It's kind of like when the Buckeye's lost the Orange Bowl last year.... "Alright.... Let's start talking about next year"....

Going along with that idea, what do you guys think about the future of this US soccer team. For you 11w's who just started watching soccer.. Will you continue? Will you "kind of" follow it? Will you forget that you ever watched the sport?

For me, my first thought after the loss is... "Damn, these young players are really good." Green, Yedlin, Mix, Brooks.... They are all very good talents and they will play pivotal roles in 4 years. It will be sad to lose Dempsey, Bradley, Howard... they might be impossible to replace. But I think that Jurgen is doing it the right way. Almost like the "Ohio State" way.... Find young talent; Recruit young talent; Win.

Here's to the United States Men's National Team and here's to 2018.....


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