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Comment 07 Sep 2017

Haven't golfed yet here but there are quite a few courses around. One of my uncle's best friends lives in the area and is a member of a local country club so he said he would take me there after I get settled in. I'll take him up on that offer soon.

Comment 07 Sep 2017

Never thought I'd see the day... I think I need to rethink my whole life. I must be doing something wrong.

Comment 07 Sep 2017


My sister made it through the storm just fine. We kept in contact all night and the storm stayed far enough north for them to not get hit with the strongest winds/rain.

She said the ground level of the hotel she was in flooded pretty good and she hasn't had a chance to get out and see all the damage.

Their flight for today got pushed back so far that they will miss their connecting flight and she still not sure if she will be able to even make it to the airport. But the important thing is that she's safe.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and such. It's much appreciated!

Comment 06 Sep 2017

They actually are already doing that... the hotel has planned for any guests who are still there to go to a lobby area when the worst of the storm hits. My sister said they will have movies and games while they are there. They are expecting to be called down there around 5 or 6 until early tomorrow morning.

They aren't selling any alcohol until the storm passes though.

She's in good spirits... She's more worried about not being able to get to the airport for a while to fly out.

Comment 06 Sep 2017

They still have power and cell service there... The storm is just now starting to push it's way into Puerto Rico. We are currently using a walkie talkie app to communicate but we might not be able to do that if the power and/or cell towers go down. The app can work with limited cell service so hopefully they will at least have a minor connection to work with.

I hope your co-worker's relative is ok... They are getting hit pretty hard down there.

Comment 06 Sep 2017

I haven't found anything yet... I think it's a lot easier for ESPN to get those taken down than the actual game. So they can be a little harder to find. If you have a cable subscription and log on, you might be able to watch it on WatchESPN.

Comment 01 Sep 2017

I stream everything through my Xbox One and I was having issues the whole game. My quality was constantly shifting from bad to good to bad again and every time it would shift my stream would pause for a split second. It was very annoying.

I pay for 75mbps but was only getting around 15-20mbps so that might have been the issue. Some of the other channels were working just find though so who knows. Maybe it was an issue with ESPN's streaming service??

Comment 01 Sep 2017

The Homer Broadcast wasn't terrible but I think Bobby Carpenter missed the point. He was actually very good.... as an analyst. But I think the idea behind it was to have one person on each side completely cheering for their team.

It was also kind of cool that they were just constantly on the sideline but Joe Tessitore/Adnan Virk (I can't remember which one and they look WAAAAY too similar) was shoving it down our throats. I remember him saying something like "There he is!! The guy that just scored the touchdown" as a player walked right past him. Like, we get it... You're on the sideline and close to the players.