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LeBron opts out of final year

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June 25, 2014 at 3:45pm

Just heard on ESPN radio that LeBron informed Miami.that he will opt out of his final and will again test the free agent market. Of course this probably means absolutely nothing as he will more than likely ink another deal with Miami and make more money than he was due from his current contract.

Maybe someone can clarify, but did Bosh and Wade also sign deals including a player option for the final year?

With Carmelo deciding to opt out of his.final year, this is just LeBron ensuring that he is able to explore all possibilites. Common sense says that he stays in Miami and makes another run with Wade and Bosh but I guess time will tell. Where else would he go? Chicago with Rose possibly never being healthy? I have heard people mention the Clippers but why would he want to mess with that shitstorm? Houston might be a possibilty depending on if they can restructure a few contracts and make a couple big free agent moves. The market there is pretty big (4th largest city in USA if Im not mistaken) and the talent is there to compliment him. It will be interesting to see what happens with Carmelo and Kevin Love and if it affects Lebron in any way. I cant see LeBron and Carmelo being able to coexist on the same team but IMO Kevin Love would be an excellent teammate for James.

For any of you holding on to the dream of him coming back to Cleveland, it just wont happen folks. I would like to see Cleveland win a title even though I am a Cinci fan (Reds and Bengals). Toi much bad blood between him and Dan Gilbert to save that marriage.

So where do you guys see him playing next year? Does he stay in Miami? Does he give Phil Jackson his next MJ in NYC?

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