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Why Did DT, OL, and RB Recruiting Improve?

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March 17, 2020 at 5:57pm

A few years ago LJ, of all people was being questioned by us Buckeye fans as to why he kept striking out on the top tackle prospects on the d-line. Next thing you know, it becomes one of the team strengths. Next it was Stud. He was seen as being stodgy and too old school by many of us. The two-deep now is probably as strong that it has ever been. Alford's turn. No need to go into how he's been bashed recently. We can all see where that is headed for 2021. There are three possible explanations in my mind. (1) They were embarrassed by the "noise" and put even more effort into recruiting. (2) the recruiting coordinator (Pantoni) and staff spread out the different recruiters to help cover for any shortcomings in the primary coach. (Hartline comes to mind). (3) This is all just a big cycle that keeps us Buckeye fans coming back year, after year, after year! …..Thoughts?

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