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Some Notes from The Opening/Elite 11 Finals

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July 1, 2019 at 10:22am

Hey everyone,

Very busy down here in Dallas but wanted to include some notes in here for what I've been able to gather and will be included in Hurry Ups coming soon.

First of all, I was able to talk with Gee Scott Jr., Clark Phillips and Paris Johnson after the player reception last night. There will be more information coming soon, but these are basic notes from those conversations.

  • Paris is very comfortable with his commitment to Ohio State.
  • Scott is an under-the-radar recruiter in this class. Lejond puts up videos and everything, but Scott might be just as important. He's working on Elias Ricks, Lathan Ransom and Mookie cooper mostly. He said Mookie (and I can back this) isn't really into the recruiting process, so he can be difficult to reach. He's really excited to be with him for a few days.
  • Clark is working on Lathan Ransom and Kourt Williams. He said he and Kourt are similar as people, which means they're considered "boring" because they don't go out much.
  • Clark really likes Jeff Hafley.
  • Also, Jack Miller was probably the best arm at the Elite 11 Finals. And that was with his injury.
  • This week, I expect Mitchell Melton, Joe Royer, Cam Martinez and maybe Josh Fryar to commit and to all choose Ohio State. The latest Lathan Ransom will commit is July 16, and he is leaning Ohio State too.

There will be much more moving forward but I wanted to drop these notes in here. Unfortunately, the check-in event was exclusive to 247Sports, so the info will trickle out a little slower from here than over there, but our interviews have been of higher quality. Look forward to getting those out.

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