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Mekhail Sherman Georgia CBs

-1 HS
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April 20, 2019 at 11:11pm

[MOD Edit: Please add more to the title and it’d even be nice to have something more in the body of the text. Otherwise this is literally a comment for the recruiting threads.]

Ok, let’s try this again since my original post was evidently deleted.  What’s up with all the CBs to Georgia for Sherman?  Haven’t seen or read anything that is swaying him away from OSU.  Any insights would be appreciated 

[For instance:

Who is Sherman? 

Where’s Sherman from?

Does Sherman have a position?

What year is Sherman?

Is Sherman committed to the Buckeyes? Or is Sherman considered a lean?

These are all good questions that would help the readers understand to whom and what you are referencing. You may have your own take as well, which is useful to add sometimes.]


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