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Comment 20 Sep 2020

I’m perplexed by the recent CBs to Oklahoma for Burden.  Ive read and heard all great things about his relationship with OSU, that he love Hartline, that OSU is recruiting him hard as 1 of their top WR targets, and OSU wants to build on the Missouri pipeline.  Now within the past week or so it’s all trending to Oklahoma.  Curious as to what’s transpired 

Comment 10 Sep 2020

A follow up to Lighteyes comments...would OSU wait until Egbuka makes his decision before offering Allen? Zach mentions that an offer to Allen won’t affect OSUs recruitment of Egbuka.  However, it might affect how Egbuka feels about them offering another WR, and ultimately his final decision 

Comment 05 Sep 2020

305Buck, I get that but Day has been adamant he wants to sign more Ohio kids in his recruiting classes, especially with a very strong 2022 Ohio class.  Prioritize. Singleton and Payne and call it a day 

Comment 05 Sep 2020

Andrew Ellis, or anyone else that can provide an insider answer, what’s up with OSU not offering Gi’Bran Payne yet?? I believe he’s clearly the top RB in Ohio why are they waiting so long.  Bama gonna scoop him up if they don’t soon 

Comment 01 Sep 2020

Andrew, I have a question regarding recruits being able to visit or not.  You mentioned that it’s going to be tough for JTT to officially visit over the next few months due to Covid, but what about the no contact visits similar to what Bennett Christian did a couple weeks ago.  If the current commits can put something together and JTT decides to visit with them and see the campus, etc for a couple days, won’t that help OSU case?  Same situation with Egbuka.  They could visit together 

Comment 21 Aug 2020

 I still don’t think the SEC and ACC will end up playing in the fall, and all college football will start in January.  However, if they somehow end up doing so, I believe the CFP Committee will delay the playoffs until March in order for teams like OSU playing in winter/spring to be eligible.  And that would entice players like Fields and Wade to play.  That would be the only reason I would support OSU playing in January 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Does anyone think there’s any chance that the Big 10 will re-evaluate if the SEC, ACC and Big 12 all move forward and play?? Especiallly if the data etc is universally shared with full transparency?? I mean I still find it ridiculous that one Dr from the ACC says everything is ok to move forward and play and the Dr from Big 10 says shut it down 

Comment 02 Aug 2020

Zack can you clarify something....you mentioned in this Hurry Up that OSU is looking to take 1-2 more LBs that would total 3-4 in 2022.  But in a previous article you made the comment that it wouldn’t surprise you if they add a total of 5.  So what’s the most likely number?? Current commits are Hicks and Powers, with McCullough an almost guarantee. That leaves Murphy and Medlock as the remaining most likely candidates.  Is Medlock a committable offer or will with wait to see what Murphy does first?  Or could they take both?? I also still believe that one of Powers or McCullough eventually grow into a DE, similar to Cade Stover.  

Comment 29 Jul 2020

305Buck, that could potentially become something to worry about for OSU.  Think about it, if Oklahoma is 2nd behind OSU for JTT and, hypothetically, Egbuka commits to the Sooners, then I think JTT will as well.  I really believe those 2 are very close to being a package deal

Comment 26 Jul 2020

So this is probably a dumb question but I’m going to ask anyway....if someone isn’t listed on a preseason awards list, does that automatically make them ineligible to win the award?? Or does it just mean they aren’t recognized in the preseason but make the semifinal or final list?  For example, let’s say Trey Sermon somehow has a monster year can he be named a Doak Walker semi finalist/finalist? 

Comment 19 Jul 2020

Zack, I personally feel very optimistic that OSU will land JT, Egbuka and Malone but trying to figure out Davis Jr.    Do you believe he’s a little leery of joining an already large DB group or is he a guy that would say numbers don’t matter, I’ll go in and compete? I think it’s a coin flip at the moment with Penn St, what will be the X factor in his commitment? 

Also, can you see Tristan Leigh choosing OSU?  I know he’s been saying they are right in the thick of it but all the signs point to Clemson.  Can OSU do it again and get this kid?

i would love to see the 2021 class finish with JT, Egbuka, Malone, Davis Jr, Leigh and Burton