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June 17, 2017 at 5:36pm

So we're all pretty heavily focused on the day to day happenings over in the "2018 Class Could Be As Great As The 2017 Class (Part XXXVII)," but I wanted to consolidate a list of players that Ohio State actually leads for in crystal ball predictions - and project what that could look like in the final rankings.

The other thread felt more like a twitter feed than a number's discussion, and the latter is what I hope to create here. I also think it would be best to organize the list based on player ranking, to resonate thematically that "Here at Ohio State, we're better than you - and we know it." 247 Composite Rankings were used sans BRR, so legitimacy is definitely a concern. We've talked about these kids ad nauseam, so I'll avoid the BKAB feel as well.

Anyways, we lead predictions for:

#4 Overall - Micah Parsons - 68% of votes
#8 - Anthony Cook - 80% of votes
#12 - Jackson Carman - 93% of votes
#27 - Tyson Campbell - 42% of votes
#48 - Kamryn Babb - 90% of votes
#74 - Jeremy Ruckert - 100% of votes
#107 - Tyreke Smith - 75% of votes
#116 - L'Christian "Blue" Smith - 68% of votes
#144 - K'Vaughan Pope - 80% of votes
#182 - Verdis Brown - 100% of votes
#196 - Fredrick Scruggs - 100% of votes
#213 - Rondale Moore - 50% of votes
#248 - Michael Harris - 62% of votes

Alright, now let's just assume that we miss on only 2 of those, which would leave us with exactly 25 for the class after Matt Jones' commitment today (BOOOOOOM). And say that hypothetically those two misses are Michael Harris and Rondale Moore, just because they are the lowest rated. That would give us 326.56 total points, 2 of the top 10, 11 of the top 50(!), 16 of the top 100, 20 of the top 150(!!), and 24 of the top 300.

Also, if Master Teague III remains a 3-star and outside of the top 300 (almost said 150 there) I will eat a pound of cinnamon (but I'm not a gambling man). In other words, our entire class will more than likely be ranked inside of the 300. Crazier still, is that 80% of the class will more than likely be ranked inside of the top 150!!!

It's not like this is a pipe-dream either, we are LEADING for these prospects right now. So by definition of what the Crystal Ball predictor is, we are more probable to land this highly ranked of a class than not to. And that's before you factor in late pushes on top prospects that we aren't currently leading for, and out-of-left-field commitments. It is already statistically more probable than not that our 2018 class will be the highest ranked one of all time by any school. Isn't this fun?

Word of the day: titillating. 

(Mods, if there's too much similarity in the two threads, I understand what you must do. Just know that if you delete my thread - you are wrong and I hate you.)

In the meantime, here's some Styx to appease the GodsMods:


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