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  • SPORTS MOMENT: In my first time ever attending a Buckeye game, AJ Hawk and Will Allen teamed up to stop TA McLendon inches from scoring the go-ahead TD in OT. The good guys beat Phillip Rivers and NC State, 44-38. I was 11, and my obsession with Buckeye football had become immediately irreversible.
  • NFL TEAM: Panthers
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Comment 18 Aug 2020
He can observe the hate all he likes. When donors start pulling out and Mars files his ass, we'll see who's laughing.
Comment 18 Aug 2020
Next! If you're not going or not supportive, don't bother commenting, please.
Comment 02 Aug 2020
I'm ok with playing devil's advocate to add a dash of respect for other teams to the discussion - but he will literally just peruse these forums looking for ways to discredit posters' opinions of other teams. OU's defense is amazing, TTUN has the best incoming qb recruit in the country, OSUs line depth is lacking, Bamas OTs are all HOFers, oh and Ohio State isn't leading for any of their remaining targets. On a brighter note, some of these live IG stories are really informative. Tunmise opens up quite a bit - wants to wear 4 or 9 at OSU.
Comment 02 Aug 2020
This. Franklin owes every bit of his success to Moorehead and Barkley. Reminds me of Chuck Amato at NC State - Phillip Rivers probably owns the deed to his house. Ohio State is doing well because Ohio State is doing well, but also because TTUN and PSU have coaches with unbelievably averse personalities - you either love them or hate them. I'm certain that both Franklin and Harbaugh have lost players simply because the recruit didn't like them as people. Like that was it. Ryan Day doesn't do weird shit for publicity or act like he has to be this larger-than-life character to inspire anyone. He's just a regular ass dude who knows a bunch about offense.
Comment 01 Aug 2020
It's funny how the perception has changed over the years. Up through the first 10 years of the 2000s we absolutely hung our hat on having the best LBs in the country. Our entire defensive scheme revolved around players like Hawk, Carpenter, Schleg, Homan, Laurinaitis, and Shazier taking over the game. Now we're much more disruptive up front and targeting the most athletic DBs who excel in man coverage as offenses have opened up their passing attacks. Lbs are kinda just out there in today's game, and I don't feel like there's a need to have 8 or 9 of them on the depth chart. There's no reason to have 6 defenders over 250lbs on the field today, but I sure am glad to see these athletic LBs signing up - could be the final piece in fielding the number 1 D.
Comment 25 Jul 2020
This year is their chance. Not much changes with the rotation at RB with Sermon in the picture, but I doubt he gets as many carries as JK did in his final year. So Teague will get more and Crowley will get more - and they've gotta show out. My guess is that we also don't flip R. Davis at LB and Chambers flips to D, but either way I think Steele is the odd man out for now in the RB room. The real question is who looks the best returning for 2021 and can they keep the job from Henderson/Pryor? My guess is not entirely. Teague and Crowley have work to do and are essentially in the same boat now - if they don't produce they may not start again. Once the freshman arrive in 2021, the older guys will need to have shown already why they deserve touches. It's a great problem as a fan to have - units with incoming talent and developed veterans alike. The running totals may dip this year slightly, but they'll be right back up in 2021 as we break in a new QB.
Comment 21 Jul 2020
Had to stop and take a second look at that one. Takes a lot of work to get your body in that kind of shape, here's to hoping it pays off this year. I think Kam's the surprise breakout if we play this fall. WR3 in this offense is gonna get a lot of production if he can grab it. Crazy to think that Babb was our highest ranked receiver in the room at one point and now he's nearly forgotten.
Comment 14 Jul 2020
What everyone (including myself) is confused about is why you're going to such lengths to defend Gattis as some great WR recruiter/developer. What you're saying might be true, but it doesn't plainly point to why a stud receiver would choose to go there right now. Especially considering, as has been stated, what Gattis did with a multi-year starter at QB and a talent like DPJ. Regardless of all the bullshit context, Gattis came in and 5 star DPJ was drafted in the 7th round. Day came in and 3 star Terry McLaurin lights up the NFL. You're allowed to wonder why a good WR would choose ttun right now, I promise.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
Billion dollar universities and their ADs will do what is necessary this year. Do you think that Oregon vs OSU game had no 'contract' with both parties having signed agreeing to the game? You're seemingly stuck on the idea that these financial agreements can't be changed, when they already have been.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
Why not? I'm sure there are people who would've exhibited the same adamancy about eliminating OOC games, and that's already happened. This year is an experiment as it is already, and the champion will be remembered as the "well that wasn't a real season" asterisk winner anyways. Make your money back and test the market with different formats. Why is that such an outlandish idea?
Comment 12 Jul 2020
I mean, 10 regular season conference only games and you don't see how that leads to more undefeated teams? It's not a guess - there are less games being held and more regionally all the while - there will be at least 4 undefeated teams in a conference only schedule nationwide. I'd bet my life savings. Think about how many contenders head into conference championship week. You take that de facto quarterfinal game out of the equation and make it the first round of the CFP? Doesn't seem more difficult than backing out of all OOC games - which has already happened.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
It would have amazed some since WW2, the idea of a conference only season. We're beyond convention, all bets are off this year - including contracts for broadcasting rights.