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  • SPORTS MOMENT: In my first time ever attending a Buckeye game, AJ Hawk and Will Allen teamed up to stop TA McLendon inches from scoring the go-ahead TD in OT. The good guys beat Phillip Rivers and NC State, 44-38. I was 11, and my obsession with Buckeye football had become immediately irreversible.
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Comment 23 hours ago

Crazy that you mention Tobacco Road, I grew up in Sanford, NC, and you nailed it as being a divisive course. The space is there if you know what to hit, but it's blind shot after blind shot. I'm pretty good friends with the son of the owner and I still play it a couple times a year.

I went to school at UNC and there's some amazing golf in that area too. I would definitely recommend Finley, which is the university golf course there. Beautiful condition and fairly challenging from the tips. Also, the Preserve and Chapel Ridge around the area Southwest of Raleigh are amazing courses.

All-in-all, you really can't beat golf in NC. Narrow-minded as I may be, I don't think I'll ever be convinced that there's a better state for the sport.

Comment 23 hours ago

I don't think that means he doesn't build systems. To me it means that he doesn't stick to a system with zero regard to who he is putting in that system. It seems that he's smart enough to build a multiple defense that takes advantage of the skillsets of the players who are currently on the field. 

Just imagine Jordan Fuller coming up into the box on that stem-over call. It's honestly a little reminiscent of Heacock's defenses.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

Bruh, we have three scholarship DEs on the roster right now. Let's chill on the deepest line in America superlative, we're one injury away from a true freshman having to play 30 snaps against TTUN.

That being said, we do have incredible star power at DE and a stable of capable DTs. Bosa and Young could be the most talented bookends in America (that superlative we have a chance at). I'm excited to see what Dremont Jones can do in an expanded role, and I can't wait to see if one of these incoming DTs can make a splash (paging Mr. Jackson and Mr. Togiai). Also I'm curious if BB Landers can become more than a change-up situational player and evolve into an every down DT.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

I think the real question at this point is if Knox has proven himself as a starter, or if he was always just a gap-fill when Bowen went down. I think Knox played very well at points this season, but he lost a lot of momentum in that USC game and honestly got pushed around a little.

This is what we know: Prince is a starter, Jordan is a starter, and IMO Bowen is absolutely a starter (he was playing lights out up to his injury). The unfortunate reality: they all have OT bodies. So does Munford step up at one of the Tackle positions and keep those two inside? Or is Wyatt/Myers better at Guard then Munford is at Tackle, forcing Bowen or Jordan outside? 

My hot take: Wyatt Davis is going to be too good to keep off the field. Watching his HS film and interviews made him one of my favorite players from that '17 class. Also, I really wouldn't mess with a position flip for Prince, he's gone through some shit at RT - keep him there. And the great X-factor will be center - it can't be overstated. But I'm holding out hope that Price's endorsements of Taylor ring true. So my line prediction would be:

LT - Bowen - he had better pass pro stats than Jordan in his limited time

LG - Jordan - if it ain't broke, don't fix it

C - Taylor - good luck following the last two acts at center, jeez

RG - Davis - as I said before, been a fan of him since he committed

RT - Prince - see: Jordan, above

Second Line:

LT - Munford - I do think he's our 3rd best true Tackle, even if Jordan has the body for it

LG - Knox/Burrell/Myers - two positions, three players. Who's gonna win?

C - Matt Jones - feels like we rarely ever recruit true Centers, so there's gotta be a plan for him

RG - Knox/Burrell/Meyers - read above

RT - Pridgeon/Alabi - time for Pridgeon to shit or get off the pot, and it's time for the Alabi project to be completed

There's a lot of good competition there, and doesn't even include Wray and other freshman lineman that could be coming in this year. Good depth, good talent, just time to go win some spots.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

It really is time.

Just like in 2014, get those sophomores on the field and let them go play. They won't be here as Seniors, so do you want 2 years of them starting, or just 1?

And for all those dissenting opinions out there, the "you must think that every incoming freshman must start immediately and will be the best player in OSU history... blah, blah, blah." No, that's ridiculous.

To you I say, you obviously don't follow recruiting, because that 17 class was unbelievable.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

Surprised this wasn't mentioned, along with the two TE positions.

The Safety spot is particularly interesting because of how many blue-chip defensive backs we have in total. Isiah Pryor looks poised to step up and take Webb's spot, but what if he isn't a better all-around player than somebody like Okudah, Wade, Riep, or Williamson? Get the best 4 or 5 athletes out there in the defensive backfield, regardless of position, and coach em up.

Also at TE, Alexander is the massive loss that nobody is really talking about (even if it did open the door for Ruckert). His loss coupled with the '16 class of TEs having shown relatively nothing up to this point definitely raises cause for concern. I would love to see Berry become as good a blocker as he is ball-carrier, but even still the 2nd TE that is so often used in Urban's offense is MIA at this point. Farrell and Hausmann need to step up to avoid being passed over by Ruckert - which at this point may be inevitable.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

The logic behind the rating is probably a little more complicated than it should be, and takes into account factors that are extremely variable. You get 100% of the point value for your highest ranked commit. Then you receive a portion of each commit's point value based on where they fall within your class. So if you have 25 commits, your second-highest ranked commit would boost their team ranking by 24/25ths of that player's point value. The third highest ranked commit would add 23/25ths of their value to the team's class score. Etc.

There are a couple of assumptions that are made to support this structure:

- The number one rated player in the country should not only start almost immediately, but change the landscape of college football. 

- The top 32 prospects are expected to be future NFL players

- The top 100 should be impact players

- The top 300 should develop into great college players

So 247 places more value in a team of thirty 5-stars and fifty-five 2-stars over an entire team of 4-stars. The logic being that only so many players will start and eventually have an impact on your program. Per 247, depth is nice, but the handful of players that are supposed to take over at the college level get you the most points - and that's pretty fair.

Our average ranking per player is higher, but UGA has kidnapped the top 50 with a window-less van.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

I think if we had switched to a ground and pound, ball-control offense in 2016 we could have won a Natty with JT as the QB. But that's only because our defense with Lattimore and Hooker forced like 3 turnovers a game. The point remains though, that JT wasn't going to go beat Bama with his arm if we couldn't run the ball or force turnovers - not many could.

JT reminded me a lot of Masoli for Oregon in 2010. During that Rose Bowl I would get so nervous when one of their fast slot guys would come into motion or when Masoli would keep on some type of misdirection option play. But the second I would see Masoli take a traditional drop to pass I felt a sense of relief, because everybody knew their best chance to beat us was not going to be through Masoli's ability to air it out. 

Opponents of the Buckeyes this year (excluding maybe PSU in the 4th quarter) probably felt the same type of relief when JT dropped straight back. He wasn't going to consistently make throws that were just impossible to defend, like Darnold did against us.

Comment 21 Jan 2018

I've seen it for like 3 years now man and I just don't get it. That is, why everybody jumps on you for providing an opinion that 99% of the objective football world agrees with. JT was a maestro at the read-option, but couldn't always capitalize on the openings downfield that it provided him. AND THAT'S OK. Troy Smith got fat before the biggest game of his career, Boeckmann was as athletic as a 40-year old pool shark, Pryor threw the football like a shot put, Bauserman couldn't handle a pass-rush, and Braxton was like below 30% on his read assignments.

I understand that when you blame JT for Zone 6's lack of production it could ruffle a couple of feathers, but god damn, people see your name and avi and freak out. Like holy shit, it's OK to admit that JT wasn't the best passer in the world people - nobody is saying that he's just like some awful person who goes home and kicks his cat every night.

TL;DR - When talking about hopeful improvement for the WR unit in the upcoming season, it's ENTIRELY OK to mention that our new QB will more than likely have better passing instincts than JT - whose strength was making the correct read in the option game.

Comment 14 Jan 2018

The class of 2017 will be sophomores in 2018. The class of 2013 became so memorable for what it did in 2014. 

So yes, class of 17, play them. They will be a memorable bunch paired up with '16 and '18. Everybody older can play the role positions on the team, but '17 is a special class.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Longer, leaner, faster, with an ability to stand up and pursue the backside of a play.

The WDE isn't asked to set the edge as often as the SDE and doesn't need to excel at a 2-gap technique. You want a WDE to be able to play in space like an LB because he's going to usually be the first line of defense that is unblocked and capable of making a tackle. A SDE needs to be able to hold the point of attack with an O-linemen to free up the OLB to his side on edge and stretch plays - hence the 2-gap.

You know that a WDE is a great one when their pursuit of the backside is so fast that the ball-carrier doesn't have the option to "bend" a zone run back to the weak side. You know that a SDE is a great one when they can simultaneously keep the lead blocker off the LBs and shed at the last second to make a tackle.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

It's definitely not an easy problem to deal with as a coach. You have Tuf Borland who has done everything you've ever asked of him, and is always in the right place at the right time. Then you have Baron Browning, who is as physically imposing a MLB as we've had in recent memory. If Baron can grasp the mental aspect of MLB, it's gonna be really hard to keep him off the field.

Would love to see Tuf gain about 15 pounds of muscle, gain a step with some offseason speed training and keep the job outright. Maybe there will be some room for specialization if one guy shows strengths over the other on certain downs/in certain situations. Who knows, at least there's really solid depth at the position.

Comment 06 Jan 2018

No doubt, good points all.

It's just that most years there's one or two offensive individuals who are on another level and really take over. Cam Akers was noticeable last year, and Beanie was unstoppable in his AA game. St. Brown will definitely be a good one, but no QB was good enough to consistently turn his ability into points.

I hope we can utilize Gill better than the East team did today. He didn't do anything impressive at all, and he didn't really get a chance to.