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  • SPORTS MOMENT: In my first time ever attending a Buckeye game, AJ Hawk and Will Allen teamed up to stop TA McLendon inches from scoring the go-ahead TD in OT. The good guys beat Phillip Rivers and NC State, 44-38. I was 11, and my obsession with Buckeye football had become immediately irreversible.
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Comment 12 Aug 2019
I remember the hits he put on some of the poor high school kids in his film. And since the creation of the bullet I thought he might get some buzz at the position as a backup or at the slot cb position. We'll see, he could have a marshon lattimore type of career or he may need some time to get up to speed once he's healthy. Either way, no incoming DB from the last two classes was going to jump Okudah, Arnette, Wade, White, and/or Fuller. And with the depth we have behind them, it's not discouraging to hear little about the young DBs up to this point.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Agree with everything you're saying. But even the staff has a first choice each cycle, and we just missed on ours. We'll be fine, but maybe the first evidence that Day has to prove it- early in his career. Still psyched about this class, and not trying to rain negativity. It feels similar to losing Akers, Kirk, D Holmes, Marvin W, the list goes on. Can't get em all, but we still have a stellar class.
Comment 27 Jul 2019
Has nothing to do with going first. Theres unpopular opinions, and then there's going on to a Corvette fan site and calling the Corvette a piece of shit lol You did worse than that.
Comment 27 Jul 2019
Yeah, sorry LCT but I think you're projecting your own opinion here a little too strongly. The real question I have for you is how are millennials so much different than any other generation? I'm sure plenty of older folks felt the same way as you when Michael Jordan was suddenly unanimously better than Wilt Chamberlain. That's just like the way history works, ya know?
Comment 27 Jul 2019
There's no such thing as "lining up in option," and no defense was scared of Dwayne as the keeper after about his 3rd rush attempt of the season. We had 4 tackles starting on the OL last year. And while it made for a great pocket, it also brought poor pad level and leverage to the inside zone run game.
Comment 27 Jul 2019
Our three interior lineman this year, while vastly less experienced, will be the reason that we rediscover success in the run game. I hope that Jackson comes in rolling and is the truth, but we've been waiting for Myers and Davis to lead this line for ages. Their time has finally come, and athletic, angry guard play was a huge part of Urban's offenses that was missing last year. Can Harry Miller come in and make a run at guard? Can we find a way to utilize Bowen? Will Berry and Farrell take that next step as edge-setters? JK is a good, known commodity in an otherwise suspect run game. We need to see more pushing, bullying, and explosion from the guys up front this year - especially those middle three.
Comment 26 Jul 2019
"that beat the living tar out of his girlfriend" You misspelled threw his girlfriend on a pile of guns.
Comment 21 Jul 2019
Nobody's suggesting signing inferior players. Why does everything have to be so black and white? Evaluate as precisely and accurately as possible, gauge interest, go after the best and most realistic options. Some elite national players will always choose OSU, but you can also cut pipelines to other B1G schools and take less college-ready players nearby with high ceilings. The B1G was as strong as ever with Urban at tOSU, and that's bc Ohio was more poached than ever. The question has always been: what's the magic number of Ohio kids that we have to take to simultaneously weaken the conference by shutting down Ohio and creating a team that can compete with the top 2-3 teams in the country? I think around 8-10 out of 25 is a realistic number.
Comment 19 Jul 2019
Buckeye Phi it's good to see you posting again!! I completely agree and would be interested in taking it a step further even. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the premier league across the pond, the most elite "football" league in the world. But they have a feeder league that makes it possible for teams to join the Premier. The worst team in the premier is replaced by the best team in the feeder each year, or something to that effect. I'm not going to pretend to understand soccer. How cool would it be to have something similar to that in CFB? - 60 teams at the 'Premier' level, 60 teams at the next level, 60 teams at the next - 6 (geographically sensible) conferences of 10 teams - 9 conference games and conference championship between best two records - OOC games must be in your same "league" - 6 conference champions, 2 highest ranked champs get a bye, 3 round playoff - If your team places dead last in two consecutive years, it is replaced by the best regional feeder team the next season (win%, championships, whatever) Then you could legitimately see fairy tale stories like Boise State and the Knights turn slowly into real powerhouses.
Comment 30 Jun 2019
Dad was born and raised in Columbus, but moved to NC after getting a job out of the navy. I was born in Raleigh, but raised a buckeye football fanatic who then got into UNC and learned to love basketball in Chapel Hill. My wardrobe is literally 50% Nike black, scarlet, and grey; 50% Nike white, and carolina blue. Most beautiful two color sets in the universe, And I love it.
Comment 17 Jun 2019
Stud is not good. Sorry. Like, I really am. I have no effing idea why everybody seems to be so quick to defend him. I've bartended at 2 of the most prestigious country clubs in cbus, both of which had ex OSU players and coaches, ALL of whom told me their own version of a stud story - to a person. I've heard stories from ex players and coaches (drunken albeit) that would make all stud apologists... well... apologize. You're a buckeye fan, stop it. Whithers was bad, Davis was bad, Smith was bad - it is possible for bad coaches to skate along at a university like ohio state. Resources allow lesser men to reach quotas, when an OL coaching alternative surfaces we will take it - trust me. If you have heard personally from people inside of the WHAC, you know that Stud is on thin ice. If you believe otherwise, you're not informed.
Comment 09 Jun 2019
The defense they're trying to install reminds me of a box-and-one type scheme from basketball, the team plays a very standard defense behind one player who is free to go make plays and be aggressive (or shadow the other teams best player). Brendon White will determine what the whole thing looks like at any given time if I had to guess. Where he's at and what he's being asked to do will provide a glimpse into the staff's minds. Against run heavy teams, I could see a back 7 of Werner, Borland, and Harrison at LB; White and Fuller at S; and Arnette and Okudah at CB. Pretty much same as always. However, against the most spread attack we would ever see we could also easily go: White and Browning at the LB level; Wade, Okudah and Arnette as CBs; and Fuller and Proctor back deep. Could even pull a lineman to throw another young DB out there, but that's probably not sustainable. The point is that some combination of run stopping ability and pass defense between those two sets is what we'll see most often. That set is yet to be determined though IMO. Will Wade prove to be too good to take off the field? - I believe so. Will one of the younger LBs (Mitchell, Gant, Pope) prove to be too good to keep starting Werner and Borland? - We all believe so. Will Proctor (or another young safety) be good enough to play alongside Fuller and let White wreak havoc? - probably the biggest un-talked about thing Will Cooper and/or Smith step up at DE opposite of Chase Young? - honestly, probably yeah I expect to see the LBs off the LOS and more involved in the pass defense. We're going to rotate a shit ton up front so I'd imagine a scheme that tries to stop the run with the front 4 like always. That being said, I imagine Brendon White will be very active in the run D game. He'll be the unblocked defender very often coming from deeper back. I think we're gonna see a return to keeping the game in front of us. Might give up some yardage through clunky drives, but less explosive plays.