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Quick receiver recruiting comparison

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August 31, 2014 at 9:13am

After watching Hill (Texas a&m) chuck the ball 60 times on thursday, I was curious to see how many times osu had barrett throw the ball in his first game.

As we saw barrett threw it 15 times. Was that normal for this osu offense? No it was a little low but bottom line is that this coaching staff has shown that there is just no way that they will throw it anywhere near that much. Guiton threw it 34 times last years vs. fla a&m.

THAT is why guys like Kirk will typically choose an offense like a&m over an offense like osu. Urb and herman run a power run-centric spread where a&m runs a wide-open chuck-it-around spread.

These facts should also work in osu's favor with regards to RB recruiting but I digress.

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