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Comment 4 hours ago

Yeah. I don’t think they’ll drop him. Maye and McCarthy should be dropped below him in 247s “pro style” QB rankings though imo. 

probably won’t happen 

Comment 4 hours ago

So are going to be upset if they don’t bump him 2 spots?? If he was 49 and not 52 is he somehow better?

he is a 5* composite and still VERY highly ranked in 247s rankings. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Caleb Williams: “what’s the record?”

reply: “the record is 50”

caleb Williams proceeds to finish 10th with a score of 34.

this actually happened.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Can it?

you have much more trust than I do about public places doing what they are supposed to do.

especially airplanes/airports.

Comment 27 Jun 2020

I’m 100% sure his “NR” is not factoring into osu’s avg recruit ranking.

when he gets evaluated, the person player ranking will drop.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

I don’t think that’s the case.

why offer him as soon as Coombs starts, accept his commitment, and then push him out?

I'm bummed because I think he is underrated.

Comment 19 Jun 2020

It’s because an “analyst” (not sure if it was Drumm) was on with rj young and mentioned about maybe getting Egbuka.

the dude then went on to mention JTT ONLY because they are from the same state. He didn’t claim it was likely at all he was simply throwing something against the wall because of their home state. 

it’s pretty clear he didn’t know the lack of anything substantial linking EE and JTT besides where they are from.