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I'm Michael Rockstedt, Eleven Warriors' New Recruiting Analyst, Ask me anything!

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August 8, 2014 at 9:28am

To the best fans of any Ohio State Website, I thank you for welcoming (hopefully) me with open arms to THE Dubs.

My name is Michael Rockstedt and I am Eleven Warriors' new recruiting analyst! I worked for the past couple of months at MenoftheScarletandGray.com so some of you may have read my work over there and I am excited to build on what I have started and also improve and become the best that I can for this site.

I am a Senior at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, studying to be an accountant.  I live in Wall, New Jersey, half a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. I started following Buckeye football after they beat Miami in the National Championship game.   I absolutely HATED the Hurricanes.  They won everything.  I was not really a follower of College Football then, but when Ohio State beat them I was ecstatic.  The following season, I was watching television, flipped on a football game in passing, noticed those Buckeye leaves on the helmet, and followed them from then on!

I am very excited to work for the staff here and to work for you, the fans! I am going to be sticking around the site for a little as I learn how to do everything, so please ask me anything!  I'd love to hear from you the fans about questions for me or any tips you guys can share, anything at all! BTW, if you want to call me Michael, Mike, or Rock, please do so! Thanks so much guys, and I am so grateful for this opportunity, Go Bucks!

Follow me on twitter if you want also: @M_Rockstedt11W 

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