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Gibson Snapchat Smoke

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July 30, 2014 at 12:38pm

Not a huge social media user, but I downloaded Twitter, Instagram etc. just to be familiar with these things to be able to keep a conversation/keep with the times. I kept hearing about Snapchat and eventually added it. Had no idea how to use it or add somebody, but Torrance Gibson tweeted out his Snapchat handle and so I figured I'd use him as an experiment to see how to add a user.

Anyways, I figured out how to add him and watched the first Snapchat that came up: a video of him and some friends at an iHop chronicling a huge meal they were eating. In the middle of the video, he bragged about "and I don’t have to pay for none of it." The clip ended with him hugging a lady and thanking her if I remember correctly. (I can't seem to access the full version now, or I'd try to embed it. If anyone can, please feel free to do so.)

Now, there certainly could be a reasonable reason for getting a free meal (maybe the clip was from Elite11 and they get per diem meals or something -- though I think his friends all had on American Heritage shirts on; or maybe he was entirely kidding), but it struck me as pretty odd. Regardless, putting up a video and laughing about how he doesn't have to pay for it shows his continued poor judgment. (Not to mention the clip was laced with him using the N* word, profanity, etc.)

His play on the field is amazing. I just hope if Gibson does commit to Ohio State, that Urban really emphasizes his whole "de-recruiting" program with Gibson and encourages some of the leaders of the class (Hilliard, Cornell) to keep him down the straight and narrow.

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