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Are Quick Bits No Mas???

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July 22, 2014 at 11:51pm

I dont know if I missed something, but I was curious what happened to Gene and his Quick Bits posts. Did he get tired of feeding the bottomless pit that is our rabid fan base? Did he just want to take the summer off? Was he taken hostage by trollish michigan fans? Is he in a secret underground government facility undergoing recruiting based tests? Is he on a private yacht in the pacific, sipping Manhattans with Bassdropper? Has he been having a two month long three-way with the Kates (Upton and Beckinsale)? 

I dont know where Gene is or what happened to him, but I miss his daily Quick Bits. I found his posts both interesting and informative and I appreciated all the work he put in finding scoops for this site. The last one I could find was the first of June and I am curious if anyone has any insight as to why this delightful piece of 11W awesomeness has faded away into history?

**This forum post is void of apostrophes to honor their apparent death at MSU 

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