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What I Think and Why Ryan Day Will Be the Coach Urban Envisioned from Here out

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December 5, 2023 at 3:30pm

A home inspector was in our house today and he went to my daughters room to take a photo of the scarlet and grey painted room with all the Buckeye swag neatly set out as in a Buckeye Version of Good Housekeeping- he asked “May I ask” and I replied “it’s been a tough few weeks”.

I have done a lot of soul searching since the second int in Ann Arbor which has finally given my two girls the perspective of the game I grew up with

watching what has transpired over the past week I have come to the conclusion that Ryan Day was hit with two brutal slaps across the face and learned the hard way how he needs to move forward- and now that he has - we will be entering perhaps the most prosperous part of his career - here are my thoughts 
coach day has been running a program from 2019 in a 2023 world in two main areas - transfer portal and new clock rules:
1.  I feel like Day has learned the hard way football 2024 is not college football 2019… the goal needs to be the best 22 each year and not development and “rebuilding years”. Harbaugh has done a tremendous job building the roster with A- recruiting and A+ portal management… Day has A+ recruiting and C+ portal management.  Michigan was very aggressive the past two years in the portal with substantial success.  Ohio State was active only when players left or there was a glaring need.  Only way Day can survive is to adapt and be the aggressor right away in the portal.  Texas is another program who finally matched grade A transfer portal management with A level recruiting and the talent advantage is clear - watching Terrance Brooks at CB as well as Ewers spin the ball makes this example crystal clear
2.  Well, I think the other big thing is is they? I think learn the very hard way that you can't coach like it's 2016 these new clock rules change everything you go from having 65 to 85 plays to having 45 to 65 plays max you go from having 12 to 15 possessions to having maybe 11 possessions in these big games so I think that's where he learned the hard way against Michigan and you can't coach this way.
If you think about it, there's no way urban Meyer wins the 2016 Michigan game under today's clock rules. He doesn't have enough possessions. You can kind of go through all these games and you know urban Meyer can't win a lot of the games he has because he doesn't have the possessions he'd have to change the way he coaches they never did that. I think he got a big slap in the face and Ann Arbor. He hast to do it.
now that he has figured these two pieces out in the hardest way possible - now he can coach and run this program with all engines firing at full speed!


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