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Complimentary Football is the Issue

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November 27, 2023 at 12:20pm

Small rant here, but I really think the issue that OSU/Ryan Day has these last few years is complimentary football between the offense, defense and special teams. Has anyone else noticed how in our biggest games, those 3 areas are never in-sync at the same time? 

2021, the defense essentially never helped anyone as a complimentary partner

2022- Cheaters game- Defense played great the first half, and early 3rd qtr. In those times the offense stalled out numerous times. Forced the D to get overly aggressive, which led to the big plays. Look at the first half- 10-3 OSU, and the D forces a 3 and out. next two possessions are downs and 3 and out, in that time the D forced two 3 and outs. If the offense wasnt sputtering that should have been a 17-3 or 20-3 game and Scum is now going to get predictable. Instead we get some explosive plays on blitzes. D then forced 2 more 3 and outs, but OSU punts in the middle as well. Halftime was 20-17, but really if not for the clunky drives should have at worst been 24/27-17 (and who knows what happens on those explosive plays if they are up like that)

2nd half starts and Scum scores- offense punt, scum 3 and out, offense punt. Again, not complimenting the D actually getting a stop in there. And we know the rest of the game from there. 

2022- UGA- 1st half was just offenses scoring, which is fine, but 3rd quarter, the D steps up- UGA's drives are punt, punt, missed FG, FG. In that time, OSU didnt capitalize, and had two 3 and outs. 

Then the game this weekend, first half, D was great- only giving up 1 real drive for a TD, otherwise Scum punted on 3 other drives. Offense punts twice, missed FG and interception. Then the offense comes back in the 2nd half scoring at will but the D starts letting up too. 

Like am I crazy or do you all see something different with when the D plays well, the offense seems to not capitalize and vice versa? And don't get me started on the Special teams never flipping the field in these games either when the D is playing well!

Dont know how Day and Knowles can fix that, but with how good both are at their respective playcalling, this should be a juggernaut of a team where the Offense scores on you all day and the D plays suffocating. Especially in these big games, there's always 3-5 straight clunks from the offense when the D is playing great or the D gives up everything when the offense is hitting it's stride. Never feels like we score, force a 3 and out, and then score again to put pressure on the opposing offense to then have to score. Sparty in 2021 was that, but havent seen it since Knowles was hired. 

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