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Get Off the Ledge

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November 27, 2023 at 6:06am

Im seeing posts,very aggressive comments etc about the team publicly by our own fans and recruits seeing it ala Mylan Graham. Also whate this talk about Day promoting within the program? Hartline is a GEM WR coach. Bailey just had a TE have the best season in OSU history and im gonna call it Jelani Thurman starts next year. He went outside for Walton, Eliano, Knowles and Frye.
Yes i know Ryan Day coaches more afraid to lose than trying to win against scUM but hes a YOUNG head coach and a top 3 HC in all of college football, Saban, Kirby, Day in that order. People calling for his job is just plain stupid. Look at Days history if fixing problems. His first year he tried to fix a bad secondary using Coombs who was so successful here his first ride that vrabel took him to the NFL with him, so Day brought him back in because of the familiarity. That doesnt work so he replaces him with Hafley. The defense hits a 1 year turn around then Hafley leaves. Enter Jim Knowles who has turned the defense around and Walton/Eliano have the secondary back to BIA.
Ryan Day knows the problems more so than we do, ane his track record is not sitting around doing nothing about it. I think Ryan Day is turning the corner from good coach to great and we win a NC next year (if we cant get in this year) i think he will do his damndest to get as many players back as possible next year. Another great outlook is this Offensive line will basically be intact next year, hopefully with 1 or 2 tweaks/upgrades. If we see Parker Flemming get fired in the next 48 hours we know we're on track.
Day knows MCCord is not the guy, his guy left for Texas, i know thats playing a what if game, but finding a replacement when your plan gets derailed is a SOB, Devin Brown was supposed to be that guy. And maybe Day gets rid of Corey Dennis too idk but i do know Ryan Day is THAT coach, we have to trust Day full heartedly and back him as much as possible, the guy got death threats last year and God knows what this year... Maybe the fans is why he is scared to lose instead of coaching to win against scUM, I really think we see a shift in approach and mindset moving forward in the program. With the Recruiting classes Day is bringing in and the development of these defensive players only the sky is the limit and its not falling on us as much as you want to believe.
Chin up its a good day to be a Buckeye

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