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Comment 06 Nov 2019
This does nothing but diminish the whole point of the playoffs 4 best teams. ACC, B12,PAC 12 over last few years are trash. I wouldnt mind 6 team playoff and top 2 getting a bye week and let 3 play 6 and 4 play 5. But the conf. Champ stuff doesnt make much sense when you can have a 3 loss Pac or 12 Champ but a 1 loss team that loses to a top 4 team is left out. The national Championship game would be too predictable i think in that setting. Jmo
Comment 06 Nov 2019
I work with a PSU fan and he tries to pull the ol you guys suck so much you had 3 Qbs leave in 1 year. He hates it when i remind him 1 was a 1st round QB 1 was a failed runt and 2 of our Current QBs are in the Heisman Race. He doesnt think Burrow is still a Buckeye, cant wait to show him this LMFAO #DevelopedHere
Comment 10 Jan 2019
Word im hearing Bo Pelini is making a comeback and will be assistant to Dantonio and Lane Kiffin will also be joining as OC.
Comment 07 Jan 2019
Because 1. scUMs "Strongest Unit" is their bench. We dont worry about their "Dline" because theure never a threat. 2. Mattison did great things 20 years ago. His last ran defense as coordinator was HORRIBLE. 3. He might be a strong instate recruiter but hes not going to travel. 4. Hes talked retirment fror the last 5 years. 5. When we wanted Schiano out it was because we wanted an upgrade, taking on an old retread from an over rated/ bad defensive team and a team we already hate to boot does not sing upgrade. Thr problem with his last ran Defense.... Couldnt stop the spread. Are we trying to dominate the B1G or win Nattys?
Comment 07 Jan 2019
Mattison has... Doesnt mean he sayin Day is a bad coach... Remember Urban Meyer hired Withers how'd that go?
Comment 04 Dec 2018
Statistically #1. #2 in our hearts. Woody/Urban legends will live forever. Woody-10 year war ICON Urban- Putting together undoubtedly the best Football team in college football history. 2014 Inaugrable College Football Playoff Championship. Tress is an honorable mention but we all know what Urban Meyer did to us that game.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
I just wanna know what makes people think he will be successful, how does he recruit? Its obvious his offense and overall philosophy is different than Urbz, will he keep Defense a priority? How will he do with a runner at QB next year? Not that i dont like the move i just dont know much about Day other than he worked for the Eagles. Will recruiting start to slip?
Comment 03 Dec 2018
Lets not forget we also have Antwan Jackson being eligible to play next year (had to sit for transfer rule) also i believe the DL next year will be DE- Chase Young, Baptiste DT- Antwan Jackson, Haskell Garret, Tommy Togai DT- Robert Landers, Davon Hamilton, Taron Vincent DE- Cooper, Tyler Friday, Baptiste And thats insane