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Comment 03 Apr 2017
Like i said stand this MAN UP and let him destroy, might as well let him get some work in with the LBs and Dline bcuz NFL teams that run 3-4 will want him on his feet
Comment 29 Mar 2017
I dont really have a problem witht the new unis color or boldness just add the damn elf or dawg to the helmet
Comment 01 Jan 2017
Beck and stud need replaced thats all, at the very least Beck, and have Warrnier pull double duty and stay on sidelines. Side note- McCall should have played in every formation that had samuel in the backfield, and some screens his way, with so much zone in 1st half how do you not run screens...
Comment 10 Dec 2016
Hes a LB in a safties body, would be destroyed in NFL coverage Pass interference everygame
Comment 04 Dec 2016
BAMA CLEMSON WASHINGTON PSU i hate to say it but they beat us and won the B1G. Its not a far stretch to say they could be rewarded based on just beating us
Comment 18 Oct 2016
I would see it playing out something like. B1G- Oklahoma, Texas, WVU Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska get to rejuvenate their rivalries which means they get better competitively and WVU is a regional school and not a bad team. Though i hate Texas arrogance and WVU fans (i live 45 minute away from morgantown) I think WVU would make a good rival of Penn State and have a Rivalry with Maryland i believe. Put Oklahoma and Texas in the West with WVU in the East and B1G football would be most watched conference in the country. Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma all fightin it out with OSU MSU Scum and Penn State in the east.... Dreams do come true ACC gets: Kansas and KState Not an A+ football grade but putting kansas and North Carolina in same basketball conference is an A+. PAC12- Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Texas Tech SEC Get- Baylor and TCU They can compete with all the teams not named Alabama.... So thats what they want anyway right?
Comment 02 Oct 2016
Thats gotta be awkward if Bubba commits to the good guys lol... sucks for Grimes tho for sure still the kid is solid if hes gotta take a redshirt thats fine too as lon as he gets healthy. Grimes: YO TYJON! YO HASKELL! ! Bubba: Hey Grimes Grimes: ima whoop your ass bubba