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Honest Perspective

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November 26, 2023 at 1:21pm

Just an honest perspective and it won’t bring anything back.  However, would it change the way you think.

The last 2 years of cheating happened.  In an unbiased opinion, it really helped catapult TTUN this year.  Difficult to judge Day under those circumstances.  But…..

We’re all feeling the same right now.  Change 2 plays and see if the feeling is the same.  This isn’t a what if, this is to measure your perspective.

We’ll start with last year.  Ohio State still falls to TTUN however change the narrative from that time on.  
Ohio State makes the kick against Georgia and beats TCU the following week.  Day now has a National Championship.  
Fast forward to this years game against TTUN, instead of the last second interception, it’s a TD pass instead.  Ohio State beats TTUN.  The rest of the game remains the same.  At this point Day wins the National Championship and defeats TTUN.  Really it just would’ve taken 2 plays.  Just 2 plays separate Day from everyone wanting him fired to everyone loves him.  I get it, that’s the nature of the beast and he DIDN’T get those 2 plays.  Saying Day’s not even close probably isn’t correct.  
Day absolutely needs to make changes.  The portal needs to be seriously evaluated to bring in missing pieces.  Especially on the OL and QB.  I know McCord tried his best but it’s time to move on.  Hopefully Day sees this as well.  
Can’t lose to TTUN 3 times.  Just not acceptable.  Day has swung and missed but that miss was so close.  If I remember correctly, Smart swung at Georgia several times and missed……..  now he owns them and he’s on pace to 3peat.  How many thought Georgia would dominate after bama switched QBs at halftime and beat the Dawgs in the natty …..  probably no one.  They probably said that was our best shot….  Little did they know.  

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