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Braxton's Spin Move Was the Moment of the Peak of My Confidence in OSU Football

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March 9, 2023 at 6:37pm

I've been watching OSU football for about 45 years. During that time we have had good, very good and great seasons. It's exciting to be a Buckeye fan because we have a consistent winning tradition. I am always confident that the Buckeyes will have a pretty decent year every year.

But the moment I was most confident in our team's ability and future was when Braxton Miller put the spin move on Virginia Tech.  We were coming off that magical run against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon. We had a lot of players back. Miller was guaranteed to be a stud receiver and maybe even throw a few touchdowns. We were loaded and I felt we were unstoppable for the indefinite future. 

Although we have been very, very succesful since that night, we have never quite reached that pinnacle, in my opinion. What do you guys think? Was there a moment in your lifetime where you thought the Buckeyes were totally unbeatable?

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