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Third Down Struggles

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December 5, 2022 at 10:44am

Listening to a podcast they pointed out a few stats that I thought I would share. As  has been discussed by many is it Coaching or QB or execution ? These are points based upon film review and stats.

With Fields as our QB he was 50% on thirds downs and 62% in the red zone in big games as defined by TTUN and CFP, as well the team averaged 5.5 penalties/game. CJ during his 2 years is 37% and 51% and the team averaged 8 penalities per game.

This is not a bash CJ thread because there is a coaching component to this as well. Coach Day did not forget how to call plays during this time frame. The plays he is calling are not being executed. The designed RPO has no threat of CJ running has changed the dynamic of his offense. 

In my opinion, this year we have had multiple injuries which has also hindered our offensive production along with some position groups underperforming. I still feel like the delicate balance between play calls and QB play and execution.

Heard on another podcast, who interviewed a former Buckeye player, this player spoke with a friend on the team after last years loss to TTUN, asking what the deal was with the loss. The player on our team responded, " we just don't have the dogs on this team." He also eluded to the culture change being more NFL focused versus the culture under Urban. 

Here is to hoping for a good month of practice so they can achieve their goals. 


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