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Comparison Chart of TCU, Ohio State and Alabama Yesterday Morning

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December 5, 2022 at 9:47am

I believe it was shown on ESPN and I'm sure others here saw it as well, but there was a ridiculous comparison chart of the 3 teams where they credited TCU with 5 top 25 wins vs. Ohio State's 2.  

The worse standard of all is comparing the rankings at the time they played earlier in the season.  They count both 6-6 Oklahoma and Kansas teams as "top 25" along with 7-5 OK State.  The only team they beat that's still in the top 25 is Texas, while 2 of ours are still ranked and PSU is miles above Texas.

Of course they had to show that we had the least favorable resume by also saying how much tougher FCS playing Bama's schedule was as well.

Just wanted to rant and see if anyone else noticed that bit of mental gymnastics going on.


Mod Edit - Shortened title.

OP Edit - I was wrong - needed to include KSU as well earlier in the season.  I was thinking they like USC, lost a close one earlier to their conf Championship opponent.  So they match OSU at 2.  Still, much different than 5 and our loss was to a much better team.

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