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My Encounter with Other Team's Fans (Spoiler Alert - Michigan Fans Are D'bags)

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June 27, 2022 at 9:17am

As a Buckeye fan who is not an alumni - although both of my parents are - who grew up in California, and now lives in Texas - I likely don't run into many fans of other Big 10 programs as most fans on this site.   This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for some concerts that drew people all over the country, particularly the Big 10 footprint & want to share my interesting (at least in my own mind) experiences.

First night of concert I wore an Ohio State shirt & was sitting next to a couple who husband went to Indiana, wife went to Purdue and live in South Bend.  We started talking football / basketball, and I asked them to rank the most annoying fanbase between Ohio State, Michigan and ND - while conceding they probably weren't fans of any of the three.    To my surprise, both were in consensus - 1).  Michigan, 2).  ND, 3).  Ohio State.

After the concert, went to a bar, and I was ordering drinks for me and my buddy, a guy told the bartender he wanted to order me a 'wolverine' since Michigan beat Ohio State's ass this year.  I laughed and let him know that's be cool, since he only gets to do that once a decade - and he laughed.   His s/o, sitting between me and him, then decided to tell me that my mother was a wh*re.   I shared with her, how could that be, when my mother isn't alive (which is true)...her response was that her point still stands.    Took some self control to just walk away.   I know all fan bases - including our own - have some fans that aren't great, but not surprising Michigan fans seem to have so much more.

I know - cool story, bro, but as a Californian / Texan, I don't run into other Big 10 fans that much.  


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