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Who is the Greatest Composite Athlete in OSU Football History.

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January 13, 2022 at 7:02am

When we think of great athletes in program history it’s natural to think of speed, agility, vertical leap etc.  We’ve been able to marvel at the likes of the Ted Ginns, the Malik Hookers, Joey Galloways, Ryan Shaziers, etc.  What I’m looking for though is an conglomeration of great athleticism, great versatility, great skill, a body able to withstand the rigors of all positions and be competitive across the board, and one with great football acumen.  Who can catch, block, cover, throw, read, tackle, rush? Of course this is pure speculation, but it’s a chance to make a case for a player, if needed, to plug in anywhere and have a reasonable expectation for results.

Could Chris Gamble hold up as a guard, or Orlando Pace cover a go route?  Highly unlikely.  

I have two I’ll throw out for conversation starters:

JT Barrett: JT has the size and speed to be decent in the secondary, LB, TE, RB, and QB.  He would struggle at the interior line positions on both sides of the ball, but he is physical enough that his body would have at least held up enough to not just get destroyed.

Chase Young:  I have no idea if Chase can throw, or hit a hole.  He brings a body that is physical, fast, and quick.  He can play with a hand on the ground or upright. Can’t imagine him not able to be a center fielder in the secondary, and at least be decent in zone coverage as a corner.  I think his relatively lean frame might not serve him we as an interior OL piece but we know he can mix things up in the trenches.




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