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Mock 12 Team Playoff

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December 5, 2021 at 9:36am

If you read the title and clicked on the link, you know what this is about. Personally, I feel as though there is more parity in college football this year than there has been at any time in the last decade, and I thought it would be interesting to take this years rankings and see what the proposed 12 team format would look like. 
With the top 5 required to be conference champs, here’s how I believe things would shake out:

Buys: 1) Alabama 2) Michigan 3) Cincinnati 4) Baylor

Round 1 Games:

5) Pittsburg vs 12) Utah - Utah rises to 12 after stomping Oregon and rides that momentum to an upset over a Pittsburg team only ranked this highly because of rankings formalities. 

6) Georgia vs 11) MSU - Michigan St find a surprising about of success on the ground against a Georgia team who’s been propped up by a weak schedule, but it isn’t enough to move on. 

7) Notre Dame vs 10) Oklahoma St - Notre Dame is the paperiest of tigers, and other OSU finds enough success on offense to win the game. 

8) Ohio St vs 9) Ole Miss - Ole Miss scores plenty of points, but their defense puts up Purdue levels of resistance and Ohio state never punts on there way to a victory. 

I feel like there are several exciting first round matchups here, most of which would be highly competitive and would lead to several high profile round 2 games (OSU v Bama anyone?). What do you all think? Hell yes! More good football! Or, boo, these games stink. None of those teams would have a chance in round 2! And how do would you see things playing out?

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