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Who Are You Rooting for in Each Conference Championship Game?(especially Pac12/B1G)

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December 3, 2021 at 1:40pm

Question is what the thread says, who are you rooting for in each conference championship game? Starting with the most impactful for OSU:

  • B1G: Michigan(-11) vs Iowa: Direct impact on OSU. Michigan wins and we go to the Rose Bowl, Michigan loses we go to peach or fiesta. Obviously we want a rose bowl but is it worth Michigan winning? B1G loses abunch of $$ if Michigan misses the playoffs as well. Just playing devils advocate I realize most are rooting against Michigan.
  • Pac12: Oregon vs Utah(-3): Assuming OSU is most likely headed to the Rose we would play the winner of this game.
  • SEC: UGA(-6.5) vs Bama: UGA is on a path to finally getting a title and proving the SEC has a pretty deep roster of championship caliber teams. Bama winning gives the SEC 2 teams in the playoffs.
  • ACC: Wake Forest vs Pitt(-3): If OSU doesn’t go to the Rose Bowl we likely play the winner of this game(zzzz) neither have won the ACC in a long time(ever? Nobody cares enough to know this answer)
  • Big12: OkState(-5.5) vs Baylor: OkState wins and makes the playoffs. Pretty crazy no OU or Texas in this championship. Our future DC Jim Knowles is headed to Cbus as soon as OkState is done so maybe root for Baylor? Ask increases the chance of OSU finishing top 5 I guess if that happens.
  • AAC: UC(-10.5) vs Houston: UC wins and makes the playoffs as the first G5 team to do so. Are you rooting for Fickell and your Ohio brothers to get it done? Or not a fan of an Ohio team competing at this level? 

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