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Why is Everyone out on Al Washington?

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November 28, 2021 at 10:19pm

I've noticed that when people talk about coaching changes for next season, Al Washington's name has been getting thrown in. Obviously this was going to be a down year defensively because of the many key players being gone in the second level, but over the course of the year it seemed like they started to get a lot better and could be very good next season. He also turned one of the worst linebacker cores in the country to one of the best in 2019 and it was also one of the best in 2020. 

Many people would agree that Steele Chambers was probably our best linebacker this year. Dude literally played running back is whole career and then switched positions. Who do you think was the one that coached him to becoming a solid linebacker? I may be missing something, but I just feel like people are giving up on him too early. 

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