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Am I the Only One Freaking out over Fields' Thumb?

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December 30, 2020 at 12:41pm

I saw the story on it the other day but have not seen a forum post - please delete this if I missed it somehow. Here's the story:


Both Fields and Day gave very short answers about it during the press conference on Monday which worries me. I want to beat Clemson so bad and I hate that Fields might not be going in 100% again (similar to his knee last year). Even missing practice reps is important. 

Can anyone with a medical background or a previous thumb injury shed some light into how serious this might be? What is a typical recovery time if it is a sprained thumb? Do you think he'll wear a brace?

Anyone with a quarterback/football background have knowledge about how much this would affect him throwing? I assume it would affect him a lot considering it is his throwing hand. 

Any information (good or bad) would be very much appreciated. Go bucks and beat Clemson!

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