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Comment 17 Sep 2020

On 97.1 The Fan Coach Day included Shaun Wade in his discussion of the defensive backs when asked how they're looking. He mentioned earlier that Wade hadn't decided yet, but it seems as if he expects him to come back and play

Comment 16 Sep 2020

Don't think he'd be going on SportsCenter to re-affirm that he's not playing on the day that the Big Ten announced it's playing again...

Comment 15 Sep 2020

Eh, it's close and there's no doubt all three teams have loaded rosters. We have the generational talent where it'll end up mattering in Justin Fields

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Yep. It'd be ideal if they could say "we'll be returning to play 10/17 and will release the schedule, TV deals, etc. by next week" but I'm sure they want to release everything at one time. 

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Not sure. Hearing it was most likely the clarity per sources. Should have the final reasoning by tomorrow, or possibly the end of December. 

Comment 14 Sep 2020

No doubt, especially considering they were receiving their updates from the same reports that us as fans were reading! This whole situation has been absolutely awful for the players

Comment 13 Sep 2020

He was definitely one of the ones that planned to opt out this weekend but he’ll have a decision to make if/when the October start is approved. Remember Randy Wade flew to Chicago and to Columbus to lead protests to fight for a season. Not sure if he’ll play but there’s a chance 

Comment 13 Sep 2020

But the optimism about mid-October is real, and this should all be over soon.

This sounds like journalism language for “I know something you don’t but can’t officially announce it yet”

Comment 10 Sep 2020

Good point 68. This is also the first full weekend of NFL, college, and high school games. A lot of football being played - how this weekend goes will be important

Comment 04 Sep 2020

Not gonna happen. Cooper/Hilliard/browning/many others deserve a shot to show off their skills on tape and play in the NFL. Top talent might not play but other guys still have something to play for

Comment 04 Sep 2020

Vote or not, fall camp would need to start ASAP for us to start in time to compete in CFP. We’ll know the final answer regarding what we actually care about within the next few days

Comment 04 Sep 2020

Anyone else JUICED UP this morning?? After this rollercoaster of emotions over the last few months it finally feels like a decision will be made about whether we'll have a chance to win it all or not (which is all that really matters). The clock is ticking...come on Kristina Johnson & B1G Presidents/Chancellors! Keep on swinging! FIGHT! 

Comment 02 Aug 2020

The fact that Ohio State didn't cover 5.5 points that game still sickens me to this day

Comment 26 Jul 2020

Unsure of the accuracy but here are some notable 100 meter times from a quick google search:

Reggie Bush 10.42 (High School)
Devin Hester 10.42
Ted Ginn 10.5
DeSean Jackson 10.5 (High School)
Antonio Brown 10.54
Adrian Peterson 10.56 (High School Senior)

TreVeyon seems to be in this ballpark in terms of explosiveness and speed. That of course is on top of his physicality and his elusiveness.