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Have You Ever Had Such A Weird Football Dream?

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October 23, 2020 at 12:28pm

Like the rest of you I’m psyched for tomorrow’s kickoff.  So I guess my thinking a lot about the season opener could explain why I had a dream two nights ago about the Buckeyes playing.

But the dream turned out not to be about Nebraska.  It was about The Game!  

And, what was worse, there was a timeout with less than 5 seconds left in the 4th quarter, with TTUN trailing by only two points and they were starting to line up for roughly a 25-yard game-winning field goal!

What made it even more bizarre:  the stands were basically empty but I was somehow standing on the field behind the goalposts.  I was incredibly tense; by the way, I have heart disease so if you are wondering how people die of heart attacks in their sleep, I think this dream—or more accurately, a nightmare—can explain that.

I looked over and had a clear view of Harbaugh who seemed to be finally sensing victory was at hand.  Does it get much worse than this?  I mean, who has dreams with Jim Harbaugh in them?!

And, then, finally, the snap, the kick...and it was wide right!

I jumped up in my dream...and then I woke up.  I wasn’t quite sweating but my body felt almost like I had a fever.

Even though that kick in my dream went wide right—and, of course, I now knew it was a dream—I was still tense at the thought of The Game going down to the wire like that.

I hope this is in no way an omen for tomorrow: I am still expecting the Buckeyes to have scored four TDs by halftime.  




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