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Former Tressel Era OSU Coaches Where Are They Now

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October 21, 2020 at 10:02am

I do this about once a year, but here goes

The following coaches who worked under Tressel at OSU appear to all be out of football at this point or at least currently not employed by any program

Mark Dantonio, Mark Snyder, Darrel Hazell, Jim Bollman, Doc Tressel, Nick Siciliano, Tim Beckman, Bill Conley, Jim Heacock, Ken Conatser, and of course Joe Daniels who passed away

The ones who have "better" jobs than they had at OSU

Luke Fickell - HC at UC

Mel Tucker - HC at MSU

Stan Drayton - AHC/RB/RGC for Texas (technically never coached a game with Tress as Tress resigned about 3 months after he was hired, but still technically part of a Tress staff)

Guys with roughly parallel jobs to their OSU job

Taver Johnson - DB coach for Las Vegas Raiders

Paul Haynes - CB coach U of Minnesota

Guys still coaching but at definitively lower jobs

John Peterson - TE/OT coach at YSU

Tim Spencer - WR at D3 Lake Forest College in suburban Chicago

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