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Best Offense Ever?

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October 19, 2020 at 2:24am

I was talking to a friend tonight about Ohio State's current roster and their offensive depth chart. It got me thinking that there are probably not very many offenses in the history of the recruiting era with this much raw talent. I think that next year's would be that even more (there is technically a world where next year, no ohio state starter was ranked worse than 3rd at their position in their recruiting class, while unlikely)

This year, the "worst" 5 offensive players that will see more than garbage time by recruiting rank are Munford, Farrell, Sermon, Teague, and Olave. The worst player after that might be either Williams or another receiver, but their o line has 4 top 60 players (3 consensus 5-stars, the worst receiver in the 2 deep is likely jameson williams, whose player comp is Will Fuller and was seen as a day 2 prospect coming out of high school. Maybe they throw in an older guy, but I don't think he gets much run down that stretch. That being said, I think Kam Babb is the favorite to be the older player and he was 73nd in the country.

Does anyone remember offensive powerhouses that notably had a ton of elite recruits that you think would rival this offensive roster on paper or next years?

Id like to compare this roster to some of those to see if I'm off base here.

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