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Predicted Kickoff Times

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September 22, 2020 at 3:53pm

I'm currently avoiding doing actual work this afternoon, so I took a look at the CFB schedules and decided to try to figure out our kickoff times for the first half of the season.

Week "1" (or 8, for the rest of the country) vs Nebraska

Fox has already claimed this game, but hasn't set a time.  The other big games this day are Bama/Tenn (which would be CBS) and ND/Pitt (NBC).  The best B1G game is Michigan/Minn given that both will be ranked - football wise this is a better game than OSU/Nebraska, but Fox seems to be bankng on the preseason storylines and national title hunt for the Buckeyes.  This seems likely for a Big Nude Saturday timeslot. Also, the World Series is on Fox and taking place that evening, so a night game is definitely out.

Prediction: Noon.

Week 2 vs Penn State

Given that ABC and Fox have a TV-draft to bid on the biggest weeks, we can assume that Fox took OSU-Michigan in the final week like they always do. However, the second most attractive game from a ratings perspective is likely going to be PSU-Michigan on Thanksgiving weekend - both have large fanbases and the holiday weekend usually does amazing numbers for both The Game and the Iron Bowl.  If that's true, that would mean the third pick would be back to other matchup between those three schools.  I'm thinking Fox picks this one up and sticks at noon again.  ESPN has already claimed Bama/MSST at 7pm, and LSU/Auburn will be on CBS at 3:30.  ABC doesn't yet have a night game - if they don't claim OSU/PSU it would likely be either Michigan/Mich St or Texas/Ok St.

Prediction: Noon

Week 3 vs Rutgers

No one but OSU fans wants to watch this.  BTN will take it.

Prediction: 3:30

Week 4 vs Maryland

The night slot is semi-occupied by the best game of the day - Bama/LSU at 6pm on CBS.  The best B1G game is Wisconsin/Michigan, which would go on Big Nude.  PSU/Nebraska and TAMU/Tenn are other noteworthy games.  This feels like one of those regional afternoon split games on ESPN.

Prediction: 3:30

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