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September 22, 2020 at 1:38pm

I ventured over to the horrific excuse of a fan forum hoping to find whining about Meyer's most recent comments. I didn't find anything, but did stumble over this gem of a thread:


The OP had this to say about a poll 11W posted:

As you can see, Michigan barely registers; it's just COVID and PSU. Maybe that's just where we are these days, but it sure would be nice to raise the threat level with an upset this year.

That said, I just heard a rumor: One UM player cut this graphic out and pasted it onto his locker, so he could see it each day as added motivation. He rises earlier than the others, trains harder than the others, and has been getting better faster than people thought possible. His name, you might have heard: Joe Milton. And he has one thing on his mind: Beating those damn Bucks.

I find it funny that of the 85 scholarship players, only 1 seemingly prepares for their seasonal beatdown. Meanwhile, every player on the Ohio State roster prepares as if it's the only game on the schedule.

I particularly enjoyed this bit of realism in the comments:


September 20th, 2020 at 1:48 PM ^

Of course OSU has that point of view.  Why wouldn't they?  

I love Michigan, but you have to be delusional to actually think Michigan is a threat to OSU's potential B10 championship run this year. We haven't beaten them in a decade and a half and have just had two of the the most historical ass whippings in the history of Michigan Football.  Add to that that we will be starting a brand new QB that went 3-7 with a td and an INT last year. 

It looks like it will be a typical year this year.  Gonna be above .500.  A decent win here and there.  Lose to OSU.  That's been a reality for a long time.

I say hang 100 on them, if not 101. Go Bucks!

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