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A Look at the National Championship Picture with New Vegas Odds

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September 21, 2020 at 11:40am

New odds have been released since OSU is returning to play with Shaun Wade and Wyatt Davis also opting in. Now is a good time for a refresher on who is in play.


  • Clemson(+250)-This means if you bet 100 on Clemson you would win 250 which is a crazy low number for a champion. This number reflects a few things, first that Clemson is a great team. They are led by Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne on offense and have 4 stars all over the field for Brent Venables on defense. Second they are almost a near lock to make the playoffs, the ACC is doodoo and Notre Dame is the only other team that could challenge them. Lastly they are a public favorite. Clemson beat OSU last year, have a famous QB, and has won championships recently. This is an easy formula to make the general public believe in Clemson
  • OSU(+250)-OSU is tied with Clemson and also has incredibly high odds of winning it all. OSU is the heavy favorite to win the B1G but it isnt quite as easy of a cakewalk as Clemson. OSU has @PSU and Michigan in the regular season and either Wisconsin or Minnesota in the championship game. This is still an easy path but the margin for error is smaller with fewer games and a tougher path to win the division as opposed to the ACC having no divisions. OSU is probably the better team on paper but as we saw last year that advantage doesnt guarantee a win.
  • Alabama(+350)-Bet 100 to win 350. A slight downgrade from OSU/Clemson but these are still very good odds for Bama to win a championship. They have fantastic receivers, running backs, OL and the defense should improve by a good deal. A motivated Saban team can be a scary thing to deal with.The SEC may seem tougher on the surface but the SEC West is a complete joke this year. UGA/Florida will meet them in the championship game and even with a loss Bama could make it in. 


  • Georgia(+1600)-A massive downgrade from the top 3 according to the odds. Their defense is incredible but QB is a mess and the offense has lots of question marks. Also a difficult schedule with Florida and Bama before having to play Bama again if they make it that far. Should they make it out of the SEC they would have to play Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence, tough task for Dwan Mathis. The talent is there outside of QB to win a title though. Atleast they didnt run off a top 5 NFL Draft pick at QB. 
  • Florida(+1600)--Tied with division rival UGA. They face a similar problem as UGA with needing to beat UGA and Bama just to get Fields/Lawrence. Their defense isnt as good as UGA but have a bit more established with Dan Mullens offense.  Again, it will be hard to make it out of the SEC. 
  • Oklahoma(+2000) OU being this far behind Florida is tough. Their offense is solid but first year QB Spencer Rattler cant make the OL or defense improve. Here is my dissection of their odds, the massive big-12 favorite has a very good shoot at making the playoffs, Rattler/Riley/Receivers make it possible for them to score points in the playoffs, but everything else about their team makes it nearly impossible to actually beat any of the top 3. 


  • Texas(+2500)
  • A&M(+2500)
  • PSU(+3000)
  • Notre Dame(+4000)
  • Wisconsin(+5000)
  • LSU(+5000)
  • Auburn(+6000)
  • Michigan(+6000)


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