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Unofficial Rule to Honor #letthemplay

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September 20, 2020 at 1:11pm

The citadel not wanting a shorter clock yesterday when dabo offered it got me thinking:

taking a knee should not be allowed among big ten teams. These kids and programs are putting in a lot of work, many on teams they know have no chance of sniffing a post season. They are sacrificing parties, in person classes, and many other great parts of the college athelete experience. When its our 3rd string and Rutgers' starters on the field, we still owe it to these kids to play every second, every down. We don't have to tell Gunnar Hoak to sling it when we are up five scores, but we can at least try to run the ball until the clock stops.

I reserve an exception when taking a knee is strategically valuable (i.e. to close out a close game)

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