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So Here's How You Make the Big Ten Pay

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September 11, 2020 at 10:56am

If you're anything like me you'd like to punch the Big Ten in the face right now.  Bad news sports fans: they don't have a face and assaulting certain people at the conference is inadvisable - you'll get arrested, it generally drags down the situation, and frankly the Big Ten could care less if you punch their meat puppet.  

But that doesn't mean we can't hit them where it actually hurts.  You don't even have to skip watching our Buckeyes - in fact this plan encourages it.  This Thanksgiving, or next spring when you're watching the Buckeyes rage-pound every team into the ground by 100 - don't get up when the commercials come on.  Grab yourself a pad of paper and write down every product and company advertising during every Big Ten game.  Then flip to the next page in that pad and you're gonna want to write a letter to each of those companies letting them know that you will not be purchasing their products as a result of their advertising during Big Ten games. 

Be clear that you 1) Will not purchase their products as long as they advertise during B10 games, 2) will be happy to purchase their products again if they cancel said advertisements OR the Big Ten takes a sufficient action to make-up for their actions.

That way we can enjoy the entire JV season they're trying to give us in the lead up to Ryan Day taking the Big Ten Title Trophy from Kevin Warren and lighting it ablaze on live television before dropping it to the ground, spitting on it, and leaving Warren alone on stage.    

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