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Ohio State Lawyers Should Be Zooming with Those of Iowa, Nebraska, BTN, Fox, and ESPN

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September 1, 2020 at 3:13pm

Now that we know Ohio State, Iowa, and Nebraska have the same goals, they should realize their TV network partners have the same goals as well.

An important part of the equation naturally is that BTN, Fox and ESPN have TV contracts that are not being fulfilled right now.  (I wrote about this in part last week.)

And now we know that three B1G teams are willing to comply with those contracts and provide programming that the three networks are very much in need of.

If Ohio State, Iowa, and Nebraska are comfortable with, for example, setting up bubbles for their teams and limiting travel within their region by private charter transportation with no overnight hotel stays to help protect the safety of their players, I think there is potentially a way for games to be played that do not run afoul of what the B1G conference rules call for (given the extraordinary circumstances we are dealing with).

These three could play home and home—and then find two or three more non-B1G schools in the region who are willing to abide by similar safety precautions. And then they could have an 8-game or 10-game regular season.

I was told years ago in a particular contract situation that there was no way we could achieve our goal given the way the standard player contract and the collective bargaining agreement were structured.  But lawfully we found a way to do what we were seeking.

I have to believe that the top lawyers from the three networks teaming up along with those from the three schools can find a solution here.  

That is the approach I would look to take if I were in the shoes of the top staff members at the Ohio State athletic department.

After all, there is more than one contract that comes into play here—and that should be helpful.




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