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Theory/Rumor: TTUN is Leading Cause Behind No Fall Football

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August 20, 2020 at 7:23am

For those that have heard of “Sir Yatch,” he claims to have a source in the B1G that’s feeding him information. His tweets have been about 3 days ahead of reporters like Jeff Snook and contain similar information. His latest is very interesting. Essentially, he claims there will still be a fall season and TTUN is the main reason it’s not already happening. He explains in other rants that Harbaugh wants a season, but it’s the president and governor that are pushing a hard no. 

Snook reported something similar, but Sir Yatch goes on to say, in this and other tweets, the fall season will still happen (despite Warren’s announcement) due to legal action being taken against the B1G for those players that want to participate. 


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