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$50 Million “Loss” IF We Played Outside the B1G?

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August 15, 2020 at 12:08pm

I’ve been thinking about Warren’s threat to pull $50 million from Nebraska if they played outside the league this fall. 

I’m confused, though.  Isn’t that TV money based on... playing games on TV? I can’t imagine getting TV money like that for no games played. 

So, why don’t we (and anyone else in the B1G) decide to play and get some updates TV contracts for the fall?  We’d pull in some good money, maybe not 50 million, but more than zero.  Seems like playing...any games at all... would generate some revenue, right?

And the threat won’t work against us.  OSU is worth more to the B1G. Any league will take us if we need to find a new league or we could be an independent.  

While it may still not be right to play this fall, IF football is gonna happen, I’d prefer to see our guys play this Fall unless everyone opts for winter ball. 

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