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A Petition Is Made For Fall Football

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August 11, 2020 at 3:30pm

The link below includes a petition on whitehouse.gov to ask for framework to be put in place to allow for schools to proceed with fall football by freeing schools from the restrictive conference agreements. This would help pave the way for teams to freely schedule this season. 


"With the postponement or cancellation of college football seasons being decided by each conference, member schools are being asked to cease football operations against their will. Conference commitments, and their revenue generating contracts, effectively eliminate the ability for schools to independently proceed with the 2020 fall football season. No guarantee has been made to members of these conferences that a spring 2021 season will commence, that revenues will be in line, and no data has been provided by the conferences to indicate that at spring season will be more safe than playing in the fall. This petition is asking that the administration to create policy allowing schools the opportunity to safely proceed with fall football without restrictions from their conference agreements"

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