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Favorite Play By A Buckeye WR In The Last Decade

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July 10, 2020 at 12:02pm

Following up on a similar thread from BuckIHateTTUN that allowed us to reminisce fondly of all our DE's wrecking havoc I figured I'd start this one about our WRs since that one was so fun.

What's your favorite play by a Buckeye WR in the last decade. I'm personally focusing on catches but know there are many plays like the Brooklyn Dagger that also technically qualify.

This one was particularly difficult for me due to the sheer volume of plays you have to sift through:

Bin Victor's crazy catch and run against PSU, pretty much any of Devin Smith's long ball TDs in big games, Garrett Wilson announcing his presence to the world with his first TD, Parris Campbell's "I'm so much faster than the entire Michigan defense" TD in 2018, and the list goes on.

I think my favorite in the last decade comes down to either Noah Brown's crazy "off the DB's back" TD against Oklahoma for sheer skill and focus

or the Evan Spencer to Michael Thomas pitch and catch against Alabama for it's significance and combination of perfect ball placement by a WR and awareness to get the foot in-bounds by MT:

I think I lean toward the Spencer-Thomas connection because it mattered so much to that game, season, the school, and our conference for downing the SEC juggernaut.

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