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March 31, 2020 at 12:49pm

I was over on their site seeing what might be being talked about. I go over to just get a Idea on their team from there fans. But Early this morning about 4:30 There was a post about a Recruit out of Portland Or  Patrick Hisatake a 3 *.

A few of them are saying they hope to land him. But his offer list is Arz st/ Utah/ Boise st/ Hawaii/ Utah st and Kan. I was like ok never heard of this player and the offer list for him is not all that great.

Then there was this guy The more I see of this kid’s film the more I’m impressed. He’s the type that could anchor this class and make it better than Ohio’s. 

I had just taken I drink of my coke when I read that statement and was not ready for a trip to Never Never Land and LOL so hard that I spit out my coke and had a mess to then clean up.

He must have tOSU mixed up with OHIO U to think 1 player is going to make their class better than tOSU 2020 class or even on par with the 2021 class. Anyone else ever hear of this player?

I'm not saying the Boy can turn out to be a good player but for that to happen you have to have Coaches who can coach him up and I just don't see that with TTUN they have yet to really prove they can take a 3* and coach them.

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